A competitive advantage in your recruiting efforts.

90% of relocation refusals are due to family or dual-career concerns

As a hiring agent trying to recruit out-of-area talent, you can offer Connect Sixty-Four as a relocation benefit to the prospective employee, ensuring immediate career support for their spouse. At that time, trailing spouses are assigned to a Connect Sixty-Four career consultant who is dedicated to identifying employment opportunities and facilitating job interviews.
As a Connect Sixty-Four partner, you are aligning with other organizations dedicated to strengthening the area's professional talent pool. As part of that alliance, your organization agrees to gives trailing spouses priority consideration for your open positions, provided they meet the hiring criteria. In return, your organization gets continued early visibility to the area's newest talent.
Connect Sixty-Four partners determine which candidates to offer the benefit. It can include anyone at any level, including expats, provided they are eligible to work in the US. Designed to flex with each family, a trailing spouse may choose to begin their career search immediately, or they may also wait until they've relocated to begin their search for new opportunities. Connect Sixty-Four may also be used as a retention tool, extending it to existing employees who are at risk of leaving because of their spouses job.